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Tarjeta Dank
How it works

How it works

Better than factoring. Anticipate payments of your invoices, just in minutes, directly from your phone, anytime and anywhere.

Register in minutes

Enter your data, activate your company and you are ready to start anticipating the payment of your bills.

Link your IRS account

That way we will be able to show you your issued invoices and you choose which one to simulate. Additionally our bot will collect all the data needed risk evaluation.

Upload your digital certificate

By uploading your certificate you can transfer your invoices directly from your computer or mobile phone, with just one click.

Monitor collection

You can always check the history of your operations, knowing what collection efforts are being made.

Simulate on line

Quote your bills in real time. You will know exactly the amount of cash you will receive today and the withholding you will receive when your bills are paid. You will always have absolute transparency on charges.


Transfer invoices from your phone

If you agree with the simulation, you can accept the conditions and transfer your invoices directly from your mobile phone, at any time and from anywhere.



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